About Me


Engelien Holland



Den Ilp



I learnt everything from my wonderful mother - a very smart and sexy lady. From a young age she would take me all around Landsmeer for the pageants and taught me to #BeautySmile. God rest her beautiful soul. When I finished my HAVO at 17 I moved to Amsterdam to start earning money and get ready to meet my future. Working in the restaurants and bars helped me perfect my #BeautySmile, and get extra tips. 💁‍


National Platform Issue:

Staying clean and calm is such an important part of our wellbeing, so I am fighting for FREE TAMPONS for everyone :) ❤️ Want to help me? Join my #StopTheFlood campaign on instagram!


Personal Platform Issue:

To promote healthy sexual attitudes & appetites! 🌭⛺😘



Rap-sexting (If you'd like me to teach you, send me a DM with #RapSextMeNow! I love imparting knowledge and exchanging skills).



Miss Holland is a 26-year old reality star, spreading joy & love wherever she goes. After winning the Miss Holland title, she moved to Los Angeles, where she filmed her successful show. Unfortunately, she could not find a suitable husband and get a green card, so she left LA for England! Engelien loves the UK and has come to London to become a real Brit.